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Online carders, such as Buyccdumpswithdebitcard, Bestcvvdumpsite and Cvvbinsforsale, use bots to perform multiple transactions on the checkout page. This often happens during Black Friday and other major holidays. Pro carders, including Fullzcard and Creditcarddumpsites2019, can run two bots at the same time. One bot will test ecommerce platforms that run many websites, while another bot will exploit card payment vendor's APIs. Research has been done that proves that malicious traffic increases by 700% during Black Friday. It shows that carders are carrying major attack during the holiday season.

Serious carding websites, for example Cheapcvvdumps, Validshopru and Dumpcardswithpin, use bots to increase card validation activity with tiny transactions. They often use well-known platforms such as Amazon to test their vulnerabilities and exploit a large number of users. This type of activity is known as carding. A bot creates a shopping card, adds products there, sets shipping information and uses collocation services. In order to maintain anonymity, carders change their IP and use untraceable devices. They also have surprisingly primitive botnet, but it's enough for carding.